Concepts in Converging Physical and Cyber Security for Business Operations

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Concepts in Converging Physical and Cyber Security for Business Operations

Concepts in Converging Physical and Cyber Security for Business Operations

Former British SAS Serviceman and well-known adventurer Bear Grylls is quoted as saying, “a wise man knows; learns from others, never gets complacent and knows where the classic old dangers come from.”

Throughout the last year, we have been warned repeatedly about complacency during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though more than 2 million people have died worldwide from some form of pandemic virus over the last 100 years, this virus has had a dramatic impact on all of us personally.  Consequently, many of us have been tasked with additional duties to make our operations safe and Covid-19 compliant. 

Many of us have expended considerable effort in managing pandemic impacts. Consequently, how much less time has been devoted to planning, training and testing security measures in keeping our businesses safe from criminality.  

covid-19 pandemic security dilemma

It’s been almost 20 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks on our nation.  We have been struck by domestic and foreign terrorism on a smaller scale over the past twenty years.  More recently, we saw terrorists behead people in France.  Throughout the last year, protestors have caused billions of dollars in damage through looting and destruction to commercial buildings and, in some cases, serious injury or death to people who were trying to protect their assets.  Proliferation of cyber-attacks are increasingly disrupting business services here and overseas.  

Employing best practices is essential to include cameras, access control systems, and smart software.  Many have already invested heavily in this pursuit. Primary program considerations include solid environmental security design, updated standard operating procedures to include entry point procedures, credentialing and maintaining an inventory of visitors along with regular technology updates.  Personnel qualification and training are also an essential factor in protecting your facilities and IT infrastructure from harm due to direct physical access, wardriving and wire-side detection.  

physical security access systems

These functions should not run independent from one another.  Your organization is more secure when you manage physical and cybersecurity functions together.  Competing interests for capital and operating funds demand maximum return on investment relative to security. The convergence of these functions is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than managing them separately. 

We can’t reasonably expect to control the nature or timing of future events. Modern security programming synchronized with practical training will profoundly affect our ability to manage both the impact and our ability to recover from them. For more information on the benefits of security convergence, see