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Our Solution

Our approach to assessing onsite security constructs is best broken down into 4 primary functional areas. We analyze these functional areas with established security standards and best practices for solution development, allowing us to create the best possible security solutions for your business:

Organizational Component: Assessment of the overall security organization

  • Gauge staff capabilities relative to facilitating both routine security and emergency response protocols.
  • Analyze staff posting models and security assignments are for regular and after-hours activities along with standard operating procedures for event management and emergency response.
  • Capture training, organizational and procedural gaps for the development of detailed plans and recommendations for training solutions to maximize organizational resiliency and responsiveness.

Physical Security Component: Evaluation of a site’s physical layout

  • Evaluation of secure and non-secure areas, entry and egress points, physical protection systems, visitor management and access control protocol, security plans & procedures, and internal communications.
  • Assessment of intrusive vs. non-intrusive security solutions to enhance screening protocols to then maximize intrusion prevention along with detection and response protocols.
  • Evaluation of perimeter security attributes and vulnerabilities. This includes surveillance, physical and electronic fencing, lighting, and other miscellaneous conditions.
  • Additional evaluations to capture routine and emergency communication resources and protocols.

Technology Component

  • Evaluation of the functionality, coverage, and limitations of current security system technology, including access control, video-surveillance, internal & external communications.
  • Assessment of overall network resiliency and cyber risk are assessed in accordance with NIST and CIS best practices.
  • Evaluation of technological integration supporting security processes for shelter-in-place and off-site evacuation scenarios relative to emergency response and crisis management operations.
  • Provision of detailed recommendations for technological enhancements to support real-time, proactive operational security facilitation; maximize situational awareness inside facilities and upon their external perimeters, minimize vulnerability to external intrusion and disruption of technology networks and individual systems.



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